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              We Build GOD's  Temples, People, and Communities

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We are providing information for the emergency situations that we find ourselves in.

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About The Pastors Of Temple Builders International Church


We are Pastors Tim and Rachael Tangle. Pastor Rachael and I live in the State of Wisconsin. We have been married for over 28 years. 

We: confessed CHRIST as young children; grew up and served in church from childhood through our teen age years; worked in Corporate America, attended college, and pursued the American dream; began to understand that GOD had created us for a specific purpose to HIS glory; and began to seek GOD and became one with HIS HOLY SPIRIT 

We founded and incorporated Temple Builders International Christian Non Denominational Church on August 24, 2005.  As a result of this founding and incorporation, our lives were changed forever.  GOD, by HIS SPIRIT, had begun to place into our understanding that we were called into the Kingdom of GOD to be a help to HIS people.  HE had placed within us a burning desire to help HIS people know who HE is and who they are to HIM.  HE instilled in us the desire to help HIS people walk in the fullness of who HE has called them to be.  This ministry was to be (and is) Apostolic, Prophetic, and Pastoral.

We are called to stir up the gifts inside of GOD’s people and help them to find their rightful place in the Kingdom of GOD so that they can make their proper impact in the earth.

With all this said, Temple Builders International was established to raise up leaders and send them out to proclaim the Gospel of JESUS to the ends of the earth.  Temple Builders International was ordained to become a church which allows the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD to move as HE did in the Book of Acts.  

On March 31, 2013 (Resurrection Sunday), GOD instructed us to take the ministry virtual.

The Vision of This Church

According to the revealed plan of GOD, Temple Builders International will build up: HIS temples (places of worship and ministries); HIS people; and HIS communities.

Temple Builders International Church's Statement of Faith

We believe:

That the Bible is the inspired and infallible WORD of GOD




In the Divine nature of JESUS CHRIST and immaculate HIS conception


      In JESUS CHRIST’s sinless life, HIS miracle working power, HIS atoning death and resurrection, HIS ascension,
      HIS sitting on the right hand of the Father, and millennial reign


In the Rapture of the Church


      In the cleansing power of the Blood of CHRIST and the power of repentance


That regeneration by the HOLY GHOST is necessary for personal salvation


That by HIS (JESUS’) stripes we are healed


That believers who ask for it can receive the baptism of the HOLY GHOST


      That the sanctifying power of the HOLY GHOST allows us to live a Holy life


      At the resurrection, the saved will receive eternal life and the lost will receive eternal damnation


The scriptures are inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD


Man is made in the image and likeness of GOD


      The True Church is the Body of CHRIST – not intended to be the edifice or institution, but the habitation of GOD through 
      the HOLY GHOST


The mission of the Church is to:

      • be an agency for evangelizing the world;
      • be a corporate body in which man may  worship GOD; and
      • be a channel of GOD’s purpose to build a body of saints being perfected in the image of HIS son

The Ordinances of the Church are Baptism in water and Holy Communion


      That Tongues (speaking with other languages as the HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD gives utterance – our heavenly language) are  
      a physical evidence of the Baptism of the HOLY SPIRIT


      Divine healing is brought about by the POWER of GOD through: the prayer of faith, the laying on of hands, and/or fervent

      Divine healing is the privilege of every believer who will accept it


      Sanctification is a definite yet progressive work of grace, as taught in the scripture, which leads to Holiness

      GOD, by the HOLY SPIRIT, definitely calls whom HE desires (both male and female) to serve in the five fold ministry. HE 
      qualifies the ones called with power, talents, wisdom, and gifts pertaining to the office or offices that HE called them to
      serve in


      All Christians should bring their tithes to the church and release their offerings for the purpose of sustaining current
      ministry endeavors and funding the furtherance of ministry


      There will be a pre-millennial coming of our LORD in the clouds (the Rapture) – to catch away HIS bride


      The second coming of JESUS CHRIST is the eventual, visible return of JESUS CHRIST with HIS saints to reign with HIM 
      on earth for one thousand years


      There will be a final judgment in which the wicked dead will be raised,  judged (based on their wickedness), and cast into
      the lake of fire – The White Throne Judgment


      There will be judgment of the dead in CHRIST and they shall receive a reward for their service – a crown of life, unfading
      glory, righteousness, and/or beauty


      We can (according to HIS Promise) look for a new heaven and a new earth - wherein dwelleth righteousness


Special Note:
All proper nouns and pronouns used to reference GOD, in all of HIS personages (persons), have all their letters capitalized to show reverence and emphasis.













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